Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Oh dear, a whitewash to report! I lost 0-6 to DartPro, which was throwing an average of 70 including the finishes, so that is every last one of my objectives failed for this game! The nearest I even got to a double was in the last game, where if DartPro had “missed” it’s finish I would have had 60 to finish on. It wasn’t to be.

This is an extremely tough challenge for me, and I’ll keep it as part of the weekly practice routine. It seems similar to playing the best players from the best League teams. Of course I’ll have to include other types of games in the routine, or I won’t get much practice at my finishing judging by last night’s game.

I managed to get some games in The Chelmsford despite it being a quiet night, and I won most of my matches.

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