Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chelmsford 7 - 3 Commercial

The Chelmsford, April 2009

Neither team played particularly well last night, and The Commercial will be disappointed with a scoreline which flatters to suggest we were four points better than them.

We lost the Team game in a low scoring opening match where neither team were able to get steady scores. The points from the three Doubles games were shared evenly between us, and the first few Singles game went the same way. Luckily for us we won the final four Singles games of the evening to make it 7 - 3 for a scoreline which looked unlikely for most of the match.

A highlight for me was an 81 finish in two darts (T15, D18) in my Doubles game with Roger. I was teased that it would appear on here - they know me so well!

We have a week away from the darts and play in the Dominoes Singles competition up at Chopwell next Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Commercial 3 - 7 Chelmsford

The sign has taken a battering!

We got off to a really poor start last night, losing the opening Team Game as The Commercial hit a string of 60+ shots and we struggled to keep up.

We equalised in the first Doubles game but the crucial part of this win was the way Roger and Mark beat their best two players on the night in their Singles games, both times needing to hold on and hope for errors in their finishing.

I had a horror show on Double 5 in my Singles game which you really can't cater for in practice. You tell yourself its just the same as a D20 shot, but it doesn't always help. Alan had some terrible luck with bounce outs but didn't let it bother him, and these were good points to collect with just five games remaining.

Great food and hospitality as always up there from Andy and company.

Team Cup Competition V The Derwentside

A Practice maximum

Last Tuesday saw the end of our final chance at a cup this season - unless one of us can check out on 170 or score a bunch of ton eighties that is!

We were beaten by The Derwentside in the Team Cup Competition. This is the one where dominoes wins are as important as darts wins.

The Derwentside made amends for for their poor showings against us in the two league games, beating us 4-2 to progress to finals night. They won the darts 2-1 and beat us in the dominoes by the same scoreline. They're really well balanced in both disciplines, so they have a very good chance of winning this competition, and all the best to them from all of us at The Chelmsford.

Also, apologies for all of the typos and rank bad spelling in the last post - I'll leave them there as punishment!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Bracken at One Year Old

The puppy I showed off last year is now one year old. It's been a lot of hard work because he's a very exitable dog with a real yearning for the outdoors but it has been worth it, and now the Winter is passed and I can quickly forget walking him on those bitterly cold mornings when I was full of flu and he was delighted to be covered in ice and tracking long gone rabbitts.

I pick him up from the kenells tomorrow night after a break up in Scotland and I am really missing him. He's my first dog and we've both been through a lot together. Many more advernture to come, no doubt.

He still loves horses even though he's been stood on and kicked by them, so we obviously have the same problem with memory :o)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Chelmsford 7 - 3 Jolly Drovers

A Shanghai start in 301 DSDF

Although the score was the same as last week's Away leg it was a very different game. The JDs put us under a lot of pressure by playing well in the opening Team game and then playing three very solid Doubles games. However, at the end of these four opening games the scores were tied at 2-2, and we'd managed to match their pace.

The Singles games were all close and although our finishing wasn't up to last week's standards it was still good enough to take all but one of the Singles points.

Roger impressed with his first 15 darts in his Singles game, and despite this leg being the only one that descended into a D1 marathon he was able to get the double. In the other legs The JDs made it an uncomfortable night for us, and I was a relief to get the 7 points.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Jolly Drovers 3 - 7 Chelmsford

Pictured : D2s in a game of "Bob's 27"

It was a great team effort from us last night. Firstly Kris and Mark kindly provided the transport when the coach didn't show, and we then had a strong success rate on the finishing doubles, with 6 of the finishes being hit with the first dart.

Kris set the tone for these 1st dart finishes by getting the winning double in the Team game, and by the time he did the same in the first Singles game of the night we were in a commanding 0-4 lead.

Although we played well as a team we couldn't quite maintain the pace from this point and The JDs pulled back 3 points in the Singles games before Roger completed a good night for us with a 98 finish on the second dart (T20, D19).