Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Practice, Tuesday 16/8/05

I’ve had an idea for the usual Tuesday evening practice in The Chelsmford this evening ; given that I can’t rely on many dart players being there tonight I’ll let DartPro take the strain and provide the challenge. The season is looming, and I really need the match practice. So, first of all I’ll play a series of 501 legs in the house against an AI opponent with its average score including the finishes whacked right up to 70. I’ve never done this before, but I’d rather lose than stay within self imposed limits. After this match it’ll just be a bonus if anyone turns up for a game in the pub, and I won’t walk away disappointed with a lack of challenge.

My objectives against the “70 average” DartPro opponent are to raise my game to its level, to really believe I can win, and to avoid a whitewash (i.e. loose 6-0). I suppose if I really did believe I could win this last objective sounds a bit defeatist.

I’ll update the blog with the results and “learns” from this match on Wednesday night, but I won’t be too concerned about average scores etc; the goal is to win legs, because in League matches this is the only stat which really matters. I’ll also be using the warm-up routine which’ll appear on here shortly to test how good it is at preparing for a big challenge. Basically I’ll need to consistently show my best form to get any sort of a result.

I’ll have the time for approximately 11 legs, so I’ll select something like the “best of 13 legs” option, or whichever format fits tonight’s 90 minute limit best. There will be no such time limits in The Chelsmford, so that probably shows where my priorities lie :o)


Zeeple said...

You know, if you are hungry for human competition but no one is in the pub you can always play against one of us via ezchalk.com. There are lots of us that play online against each other.

Tommo said...

Thanks - I'll give this a shot as soon as I get broadband fittted as part of the homeworking thing. It should be in about 8 weeks time.