Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chelmsford 9 - 1 The Cricketers

We again scored some good points in the return game against The Cricketers, but I have to admit they were not rewarded for increasing their scoring since the earlier game and meeting us down on the finishing doubles in most of the games.

Their opening score was a 140, and they also hit plenty of decent scores to put pressure on the games.

Despite the scoreline I didn't think we were as consistent as the previous week, but our finishing seemed to compensate for the slack shots.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cricketers 1 - 9 Chelmsford

The Cricketers are fielding a new team of young players this season and there were many new faces from my point of view. Also, they are under new management and there is a really well designed beer garden at the back.

The game went well for us last night and we settled into some fairly consistent throwing. I felt we were hitting a few more trebles than in the previous games to equalise our lower scores, and we were generally getting down to the finishes first.

They have Unicorn board but not one of the models I'm familiar with. The Cricketers had a couple of bounce-outs on it, but none from us for a change. As always it is a nice spaceous throw up there, with plenty of room to play in and watch the games.

Man of The Match was Alan, who hit three of our winning doubles.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Clarification - The Brownie Points Thing

Oh, you want that don't you, fat boy

Just a bit of clarification regarding The Brownie Points Thing. Brownies are not cakes. I think people are confusing our outward bound youngsters with chocolate cake or something?

I've got one of these little black vacuum cleaners. Animal, vegetable, or mineral - It's all just food to a Labrador Retriever. He quite literally does summersaults as I bring the food bowl over. Or a stone, or a plant.

The Brownie Points Thing

In the new arbitrary Brownie Points system for the Player Of The Season trophy there are points to be won and we'd better all know how it is done, so here goes: Brownie Points are collected for any of the following, plus anything noteworthy that anyone wants to bring to the table. That's why its arbitrary I suppose:
  • A Man Of The Match award
  • Scoring a 180
  • Hitting a winning double in Team / Doubles / Singles games
  • A 9 darter (hey, it could happen)
  • More realistically, a 15 darter
  • Consecutive ton forties
If anyone feels they have scored a Brownie Point which is not detailed here please come and see me after the game and talk to the hand. It's not that arbitrary for Juninho's sake :o)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chelmsford 5 - 5 Blackhill Club

We had all three tonight - all of us

What a relief to get some points on the board at last. It is so difficult writing a blog with a 10-0 thrashing to try and summarise on the opening day of the season. You just see a big empty screen and somehow try to write something.

I must mention our sincere thanks to the new management for supporting the team so well. Angela bought us a new Winmau Diamond board which is great, and a buffet was laid on even though The Kitchen is being refurbished.

Kris got us off to the best possible start with a 180 for the first throw of the game. Hard to follow, and from that point onwards I thought we were perhaps 10 - 20% lower in the scoring than last week, but this time we were given a few more throws at finishing doubles by a Blackhill team who didn't hit their usual game.

They still made a tough game of it though, and after taking a 2-0 lead we traded points all night until we won the last two Singles matches to secure a draw, and as Roger jokingly said remain unbeaten on the new board.

Kris was Man of the Match for us and he leads the points table for our Player Of The Season Trophy - more details of this to follow. In a change to last season's competition others picked up Brownie Points too :o)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shirt Idea

Picture courtsey of Rags

I love this shirt idea. I've had some great advice over the years. I've had a World Champion watch my throw and tell me what was wrong. International players from Trinidad & Tobago like Nannette Brooks and Rose, plus Bajan seniors such as Clyde. Closer to home Graham and the Derwentside crew at Blackhill and the seniors from our team like Parky and Peter.

They really helped me out and spent time with me to go through a few things.
And then there's the other. The absolute bo****ks you get from well meaning yet clueless idiots who don't "walk the walk" themselves. They'll criticise your finishing strategies while shouting out "something big down the bottom" like it is some sort of gem?

Please, if you're not mentioned in the first paragraph do us all a favour and STFU!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Blackhill 10 - 0 Chelmsford

This was not what it is all about . . .

Stephen Hawking has been asking some profoundly searching questions recently regarding the meaning of life and the universe(s). Well, I can confidently relay to Mr Hawking that last night's result against Blackhill Club is certainly not what it is all about. The Hokey Kokey is nearer to what it is all about than last night's outing!

We lost all of the dominoes games too, so basically it was a 16-0 thrashing, and it hurts. It's not that we played badly. In seven of the games we were looking at finishing doubles and only the Davey Gill 14 darter could be described as truly emphatic. But on nights like this one you just have to admit that if we want to take points from a team like BC we've got to raise it just that bit further.

There are perfect throwing conditions up there, with good lighting, an oche with no distractions and an assured aluminium strip, and an Eclipse Pro board with the box marked "Tuesdays Only". They're great people too, and rounded off with a superb pint of Samuel Smiths bitter it wasn't such a bad night after all.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Friendly : Chopwell 7 - 3 Chelmsford

Picture from last season by Simon Dixon

Tuesday saw our final friendly game prior to the start of the new season on 7th September, and thankfully we improved our performance despite the losing scoreline.

Chopwell Central is a great place to play, but there were quite a few bounce outs on their board. In one throw I had 120 points on the floor. Michael had one particular bounce out where he said he was actually aiming for the T20 wire, so no complaints on that one!

The fixtures are out but I didn't get a chance to see them. I'm looking forward to it though after a steadier performance from us and hopefully we can build on this for next Tuesday.