Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Close Season Progress

I might have made decent progress over the last few weeks of the close season, but so have my team mates ; Roger, Alan, and Willie have all been on great form over the weekend and I’ve found wins really hard to come by. I don’t think I’ve even won half of my games. I’ve kept an eye on my average scores when I’m beaten and they have all seemed to be roughly 50+ per throw, which I’d call "average pub darts". A little disappointing, and more practice is needed.

Alan in particular gave me a master class on Sunday night and checked out averaging over 80 per throw in one game, and tonight Roger was "in the zone" and remained unbeaten all evening.
No complaints from me. It’ll be great if that is the standard we’re going to play at this season, and it’s time for me to raise my game once more.

I’ve been concentrating on the release of the dart. My tendency to drift shots to the left has been reduced, but amusingly this has caused me to score a lot of 1’s and treble 1’s rather than the neat 20’s I was hoping for. Previously I hardly ever drifted to the right, so a bit more fine tuning is needed.

Lena (Captain) has drawn up a list of all the people who are signed on to play for us this season, and this will be published here as soon as it is finalised.

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