Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Commercial 7 - 3 Chelmsford

Pictured : The Commercial

The Commercial are just below us in the league, so that made this game a real 20 pointer. We were only able to get 6 of them (I'm confusing myself now :) due to a brilliant display from them.

We won the opening Team game, with Mark continuing his good form and sinking the tricky D1. Peter and Alan then made it 0-2 to us in their Doubles game.

I won our only Singles game of the night with Jason from their team having a total nightmare. When he did find the trebles he had awful luck with several bounce outs and we all hate it when that happens.

Joe beat our senior player Peter in the singles. I think that's Peter's only Singles defeat of the season (shift worker - doesn't play in all the games), so that really was a blow to us. Joe's scores of 100, 140, 100 had him looking at a 14 dart finish at one point.

No Man Of The Match this week, as none of us stood out on a night dominated by The Commercial, who notched a 180 in the Singles games and gave us a harder game than some of the teams at the top of the league.
Great hospitality and food from them again, and all the best to them in every game where they don't meet us - especially next Tuesday!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Leadgate Cricket 6 – 4 Chelmsford

Pictured : A practice shot in the house

A close game which swung both ways throughout the evening (there was a late-ish start) before ultimately LC took a narrow victory.

Alan hit his third 180 of the season in the opening Team match. John S had opened with a 140, followed by Alan's 180. I was third up to the oche needing to follow that great start, but saw my first dart hit S1. Luckily I brought it back to a decent 81 to my relief. I hate the throw in LC and never do well on it. It must be all in the mind, as there is no one thing I could point to as being a problem.

We have a very clear Man of the Match for this one ; Mark Henderson won every game he was involved in, and although he has played less than 15 games for us he is learning how to graft wins from difficult games.

A good team effort from us ; Alan's 180, my Doubles point, John's opening 140 which helped us to win the Team Game, Mark's MOTM, and Jean winning the vital final Singles point to turn a possible 7-3 into a 6-4.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Chelmsford 5 – 5 Leadgate Cricket

Pictured : Practice darts

This was a game between two very well matched teams, and the 5-5 score leaves it perfectly poised for the return leg on Tuesday.

As usual we lost the opening Team Game of 1001X, but Alan and Roger equalised in their Doubles game. Mark and Jean lost theirs, but I hit the X8 with the first dart for a doubles win with Willie to make it 2-2.

Next, Alan, Roger, and Mark all won their Singles game to give us a 5-2 lead, but I then started the rot by losing my singles game to Jan. No complaints from me, because I threw first and even hit a cheeky T16 when trying to cover on the T19. Sometimes it just doesn't happen and you just shake hands and hopefully put it behind you.

Willie then lost his Singles game to make it 5-5 on the night, leaving me a little disappointed to be the one to give LC hope towards the end of the game.

Man Of The Match was Alan P for his Doubles and Singles wins, but Mark is mentioned in dispatches for his Singles win over senior player Alan, who was their best player on the night.

Thomas Family Championship 2007

The Thomas Family Championship was held in Ebchester on 25/02/07 at The Chelsmford. We had a meal in The Lounge before hitting the dart board in The Bar.

Middenrat, myself, and my mother all played each other twice, and a clear unbeaten champion emerged, my Mum. I obviously don't take after her, because she hit her doubles without problem and cruised to the title.

What a great day, and this may become an annual event.