Friday, August 05, 2005

August starts well

Fingers crossed, things seem to be improving. I’ve had a great night’s practice in the house where the first three legs of 501 were all averaging over 70 per throw including the finishes. There was then a slump and a bit of a relapse into February’s standards where I only averaged mid 40’s, but I was for once able to pick myself up and get back on track, with the evening’s overall average being a very respectable 65.45 over 14 games of 501.

The highlights were a 16 darter (averaging 93.94 per throw), and a 95 finish. The lowlights were the two games where the three dart averages were 44.21 and 48.48.

The practice shot on double 9 (pictured) was nice, mainly for the "popcorn" on the third dart, where the flight flew off, an made the shot look really tight :o)

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