Saturday, August 06, 2005

Couldn't get going

I just couldn’t get going tonight. Despite the practice ton eighty (pictured, and the first one on the new board) I struggled and didn’t feel comfortable. I quit after 11 legs of DartPro 501 but was surprised to see the average throw including finishes was still a half decent 57. I think the good finishing kept the average high, as there were some really erratic shots.

One to forget, but nothing to spoil the August stats which are still looking good.


Kullrad said...

Stats?! Stats!?
This is the dart blog equivalent of RSS, Tommo.
Nice 180, BTW.

Tommo said...

Stats is important Kully. Practice can be really boring if you don't have targets to beat yourself over the head with! TBH before this DartPro PC program the motivation to practice was really low. Check it out on the Links at the left - it's free to download and use and you can see the type of thing it does on their demo pages.

Kullrad said...

Yeah, I had a look at it and it did look quite good.
I don't play darts, so it'd be a bit of a waste for me.