Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Poor End To August

My form has dipped, and with only one week to the start of the season too. When I publish the August stats in a few days I still expect August to be my best month of practice on record, but it could’ve been much better if I hadn’t spent so many games fluffing the doubles and ending up on double 1. This all happened in the final part of the month, and I’ll be concentrating on my end game in this final week of the close season.

I think I’ll play a long series of 170 finishes tonight before Team practice Night and see how few darts I can do them in. Of course “3” will be the target (fat chance!), but I’d be delighted to finish as many as possible in 6 darts. I’ll publish the results.

Our team will be stronger now John Sheean has signed up for us, and he was in good form last night. The increased competition for places will add extra importance to the matches held in The Chelmsford between League games.

I’ve seen the teams and fixtures for the new season, and they will appear on here shortly. Also, I’ve got a picture of the most symmetrical 180 I’ve ever scored! The grouping was incredibly tight and the dart flights lined up to make a symmetrical pattern. You’ll think I placed them in the board by hand. As if I would :o)

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