Monday, August 15, 2005

First Win Against A "DartPro 60 Average" Opponent

I had some great practice on DartPro on Sunday night ; winning 6-2 against a computer opponent which was set to throw an average of 60.12 per throw including the finishes. The match winning dart was the double 16 (pictured) when I finished on 74.

I took a 4-0 lead and then wobbled a bit on my finishing, but my overall average of 62.32 per throw for me had my confidence so high I really didn’t think I’d lose this one at any point. The ton forties (4 of them) allowed me to edge ahead when I needed it, and there were very few bad throws.

I’d rather be playing against human opposition, but as mentioned on here over the last few days things are quiet in the pub. I had five quick unbeaten games in The Chelmsford, where the highlight was throwing two consecutive ton forties. I don’t remember ever doing that before. I also scored a "Baby 180" in practice, which was T20, T19 and T18 (171 points).


Zeeple said...

I once hit a t20, t18, t19, in that order during a pub cricket game once. It was the second round but it was still nice to do.

Tommo said...

Nice one. Mine was done under no pressure at all as I practiced around the board, but it must be great to do that in a game.