Monday, December 19, 2011

Two Match Reports - Moorcock A Team

6/12/11 Moorcock A Team 3 - 7 Chelsmford
The opening team game found us both needing a D3 finish, which both teams split down to a D1 finish. Luckily Kris hit the D1 for us and it seemed to give us the edge in the following games.

Peter hit a 70 finish in two darts (T18, D8) in the Doubles games, but the rest of our finishes were all 40 and below. All players from The Chelmsford hit a winning double on the night, but Kris scored two of them and takes the Man Of The Match award with finishes on 3 and 36.

13/12/11 Chelmsford 5 - 5 Moorcock A Team
The Moorcock A Team were in far better form for the return game. Their finishing was much sharper and after winning the opening Team game they dominated the Doubles games to take a 3-1 lead.

It was all a bit of a struggle for us as we found ourselves missing several of our finishes. We fared far better in the Singles games but still needed to win the last two games to make it a 5-5 tie. Similar to the Away leg we had a 76 finish in two darts (T20, D8) with the rest of the finishes all 40 or under. Michael hit two of our winning doubles to take the Man Of The Match award.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Chelmsford 7 - 3 Shotley B

Firstly, a quick correction from my report on the Home leg against Shotley A Team : I referred to the earlier Away leg as a defeat when in fact it was a 4-6 victory for us.

Our Home game against their B Team on 29/11/2011 went well for us. Kris finished the opening Team game with an important finish on 5. Sometimes these small finishes are bust when aiming for the single to leave the Double. The scoreline then went to 3-3 but from this point we had a very strong showing in the final four Singles game to scoop the remaining points.

There are some pleasing highlights to report : Peter hit a 180 in his Singles game (Brownie Point recorded) and Michael finished on 72. Three of our players hit two finishing doubles each (Michael,Kris, Peter), but I'll award the Man Of The Match to Peter for the 180.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Bat Update (see below)

Here's the bat getting an escort out of the house. Bracken is on a "Leave" command so he won't even look at at

The bat did not struggle at all when gently picked up, and I left him on top of my dog kennel to fly away. I appreciate that bats have a lot of legislation to protect them and I have probably done something wrong, but I hope leaving him where he would have been three days ago before it flew into my house and hid would be OK.


My Bat

I have two match reports to update on here, but in the meantime have a look at the most interesting thing to happen recently :o) I returned home on Tuesday night after the darts to find a bat attached to my curtains.

The bat came into to my house three days ago and surprised me (to say the least) while I was in the kitchen, but I thought it must have left through the open front door and I couldn't find it after a long search of the house.

Any animals I find in my house gets safe passage out of the front door. Spiders, bees, wasps, anything - all encouraged to go elsewhere with gentle persuasion, so you can imagine the VIP status this beautiful little bat was given.