Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cup : Chelmsford 0 – 6 Coach & Horses

Pictured : Coach & Horses
The Coach & Horses go through to the last 8 of the Cup following their comprehensive victory at our place last night.

The games alternated between 1001 DSDF Team Games and Singles dominoes matches in the Lounge. Normally in this type of cup game we are able to "subsidise" our darts points with good performances on the dominoes table, but it wasn’t to be, and we lost the first six games straight.

My opening scores in the first game averaged just 50, and matters didn’t improve in the next two games. Although we managed to keep in touch with them in two of the games I don’t think any of us got the chance to walk up to the board looking at a finishing double.

Congratulations to Coach & Horses, and best wishes to them in the next round. Hopefully Jason will let us know how they progress.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

League Update 29/3/06

Pictured : Lyndon's new Malt shrine
The following update is from 29th March 2006, and doesn’t include the final game of the season on 4th April 2006. I’ll publish the final standings as soon as they’re available. There's a slight chance we may rise to 11th if Stanley Masons (A) scored less than 4 points in their final game.

We have a free week before the Cup games, which the first being our game against Coach & Horses on 11th April.

Fingers crossed that nobody finished on higher than 150 on the final night. Chelmsford's Peter McClean is currently in line for the "Highest Finish" trophy, with his T20, T18, D18 finish earlier in the season.

1) Steel Club, 206 pts
2) Cricketers, 199 pts
3) Chopwell Central, 186 pts
4) Caoch & Horses, 171 pts
5) Smelters, 156 pts
6) Commercial, 143 pts
7) Leadgate Cricket, 137 pts
8) Derwentside, 127 pts
9) Shotley Club, 122 pts
10) Castleside Inn, 120 pts
11) Stanley Masons (A), 115 pts
12) Chelmsford, 114 pts
13) Jolly Drovers, 79 pts
14) Stanley Masons (B), 75 pts
15) Black Diamond, 70 pts

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Personal Stats – 2005/6 Season

1,001 Team Game – Won 32%
This is the opening game of a match night, where all six members of the team play a game of 1,001. The order of throwing for all of the night’s games is drawn at random before the match starts.

We won less than a third of our Team Games, which we really need to improve upon. Just a handful of extra points over the season would’ve raised us at least one position in the League.

701 Doubles Game – Won 36%
The Team Game is then followed by three Doubles games. I faired slighly better in these games, but 36% is still far less than I hoped for. I'll target this at 40% next season.

501 Singles Game – Won 44%
The six team members then play a Singles game each, to give a possible total of 10 points for the team. I set myself a target of winning more than 50% of my games, so this has been a disappointment for me. At least it provided me with some focus, and I’ll keep this target for next season.

I scored two 180's early into the season. Just one or two more would've had me in the reckoning for the 180 Trophy, as I believe there have been comparativley few scored this season.

These stats are probably typical, considering our league position (12th of 15 teams), but I want much more for next season.

Castleside 5 – 5 Chelmsford

We ended our League season with a draw last night. We believe this will leave us in 12th place, in a league of 15 teams.

I couldn’t get my throwing going on the night, and lost my Singles and Doubles game paired with John S. The rest of the team faired better with points coming from Jean, Alan, Peter, and Brian.

This was the first time I have played at Castleside (I missed the first few games last season), and it is a very cramped oche. Throwing into an alcove, we found it hard to watch team members’ games and keep track of the scores. The dartboard they had in the adjoining room would have seemed to be the better option.

Man of The Match goes to Brian, who played smoothly all evening and won all the games he was involved with.

We now have a break next Tuesday, followed by the Team and individual cup games, and finally the Presentation Evening.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Charideee thingy - Interim Results

On the whole the spreadsheet on my new laptop went well, but we still had to record a few scores on paper while I sorted out a crash caused by me wanting to perform the absurd task of a Copy / Paste within the Microsoft Works spreadsheet. I should’ve stuck to Lotus ’97 evidently. When things are important you just want "robust" as opposed to "Stripped down and rubbish on purpose, otherwise you won’t shell our for a full copy of Excel".

We didn’t get two teams of 4, so most of us had to do 2 stints, and what an eye opener this was. I got a good few 120+ scores, and even a 180, but what about all of those 26’s? Honestly, throwing quickly doesn’t suit me.

In the first stint we scored 16,000 , and in the second stint we got 17,000. I’m now looking for "retrospective sponsors", as my tally so far is only £20. It’s a really good cause, and if you’re going to rescue an animal at all, please save me an otter. I'd like one of those three in the picture if you can wangle it. Not the fat one at the bottom, though.

We don’t like to talk about it . . .

Yes indeedy, we do some great work for charideee in The Chelmsford, but of course we don’t like to talk about it. This makes it very hard for me to mention the fact that tonight we’re doing a Darts Marathon (it’s more like a “sprint” if you ask me :o) to raise money for the Farplace Animal Rescue people.

It starts at 20:00 hrs, with two teams of four throwing solidly for an hour each, and my new laptop will be doing the number crunching to keep us on track towards as large a total points score as possible. Results should appear on here soon, but of course I won’t be able to talk about it.