Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Practice Night

Due to commitments and Holidays etc only four of us could make it to practice night on Tuesday. We still managed to make a good competitive evening of it however, and in the last few games of the evening we had a mini competition. It must've been good because the match nerves surfaced, although adrenaline is probably a better word for it because it brought out the best in us.

I've been working on getting darts into the board with a good horizontal accuracy, as the vertical accuracy has usually been OK. This seemed to work on practice night and I was getting a really good success rate at steady 60's and 59's. Far fewer darts strayed into 1's and 5's, and when you're getting steady scores you just need the odd T20 to push the scores up. I've also been working on small odd finishes like 3 and 7 where the first dart needs to be a big 1 or 3 etc without busting.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Close Season

There's no news to report at the moment as The League takes its Summer close season break. We've kept the habit practicing down at The Chelmsford on Tuesday nights though, and there'll always be at least five of us down there.

The practice night game consists of single legs of 501 SSDF where the winner stays on the board against the throw in the following game against the next person in the queue.

Mark threw a 180 as his opening shot throwing first last night but still managed to lose the leg somehow. Its strange how often that seems to happen with some of us.