Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Warm-up Routine

I’ve finalised a 20 minute warm-up routine which is designed to get me up to speed in 20 minutes and ready to play competitively. This has been a huge problem area for me in the past, and on a match night I want to be able to get in from work and do my preparation at home ready for arriving at the Chelmsford at 19:45 hrs.

5 Minutes : Set up and prepare mentally

Whilst setting up the darts I play a record good and loud, and just try to clear my mind. Especially after a day at work I need to cut off from it all and concentrate on the darts. It’s amazing how the day’s events can linger in the mind unless you make a conscious attempt to clear the mind. This has been quite an important part of the routine, and something I didn’t used to bother to do.
The choice of music has to be something upbeat and raucous, e.g. "Train, Train" from Blackfoot’s "Strikes" album (pictured).

2 Minutes : Above The 20

Shoot intentionally above the D20. This is a great tip I picked up from http://www.rusys.nl/dartpro/
It limbers up the tendons and throwing action.

8 Minutes : +, X, and Bull
Three darts each at the following targets in sequence : D20, D3, D6, D11, Bull. This completes the "+" shape. For the "X" shape the shots are D9, D15, D16, D4, Bull.
I cycle through this routine for 8 minutes. The diagrams (pictured) show the pattern.

5 Minutes : High Trebles
Using the time to get as far as possible through this I aim for T20, T19, T18, T17 etc., using three darts at each target.

This completes the 20 minutes, and in whatever time I have left before the match I just practice on high scores and finishing.

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