Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cricketers 8 – 2 Chelmsford

Pictured : The teams

A correction from last week, which Nicky of The Cricketers pointed out to me: The Cricketers are not County players. Some of them have played for The County in the past, and most of them should have played for them in my humble opinion. I need to get my facts right, and on with the report :o)

After our previous 1-9 beating on 7/2/07 it was “more of the same” tonight, and chances were few and far between for us. We went 1-0 down in the 1001X Team Game, needing more than 400 points on the board as they sunk the double and took the point. The Doubles games didn't go any better, with just a single dart at the Bull and some large out-shots being our only chances to take a point. None taken.

Peter and me won our Singles games to get our only points on the night. I was disappointed with my performances in the Team game and my Doubles game with Alan, but I played reasonably well against Nev in my Singles match, and was more than relieved to hit the 15 finish (7, D4), but I still felt the nerves a good 10 minutes after the game.
Still, we were pleased with the way we played, and we'd have perhaps won against some other teams.

Congratulations to Nicky and Tim of The Cricketers on their 180's. They are the second team this season to hit two maximums against us – ouch!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pub Master Competition

We Didn't have a League match tonight, so seven of our team fought it out to see who would be the pub champion to progress to the 1st round proper of yet another Pub Master Cup competition.

Roger drew up the fixtures and we all played against each other in single legs of 501 for points. I started off a little shakily but squeezed past Jean in the first game. I got better as the night went on, and ended up facing Alan in the final.

In the best of 3, 501 final I had become very stable and was able to win 2-0 and represent The Chelmsford in the next round. I had vivid memories of taking a 1-0 lead in Cirencester and then not pressing the advantage, so I was relieved to clinch this one.

To be honest I think only Alan and I were really keen on progressing, but I always want to compete in these things and I give it my all. Remember the fun I had in Newcastle (regional finals), Barbados, and Cirencester! Win or lose it's a proper oche and a day out with the darts, and this kept me focused to remain unbeaten in my games on the night. I'd practiced for it during the week, and for once it went as I'd like on the night.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chelmsford 1 – 9 Cricketers

The score says it all really, and we have little prospect of turning this around in two week's time in the return leg. We were out gunned in all departments by the League leaders and the result was fair. Many of their team are County players, and it shows.

The only two highlights for us were Alan's superb 180 in his Doubles game, and my 101 finish (T17, 14, D18) in my Singles game to grab our only point on the night.

No man of the match this week – I just don't think anyone would want it after a result like this.

The knives will be out for me in the return game, but I was delighted to bag this point and get my Singles win rate up to 50% for the first time in the season. Let's see if I can hold on to it.

The Legends of Darts Tour 2007

John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Ronnie Baxter, and Peter Manley all took part. They played a selection of competitors whose names had been drawn from a hat, before competing against each other.

I marked the board for the semi final between Ronnie “the rocket” Baxter and Peter “one dart” Manley. I was on stage with Sky TV's Rus Bray calling the scores. It was great to hear the off mic comments that passed between the players and Rus, something you don't realise happens when watching it on TV.

Ronnie clinched his place inn the final with a superb 160 finish in the deciding leg. He then went on to beat John Lowe 6-0 in the final, and I wasn't happy to see John lose so heavily. It was just Ronnie's day I suppose, and he never looked like losing this one.

What a brilliant weekend then, and well worth the 540 miles for this round trip.

A Trip To Witney

On Friday 2/2/07 I traveled to The Three Pigeons pub in Witney (Oxfordshire) to see many of the Barbados 2006 crew. Debbie and Trevor put me up at their house for my stay, and they were really great hosts. Debbie's cooking was superb, and they really made me feel at home.

I arrived at 16:00, in good time for an evening of darts and chat at The Three Pigeons. Its a friendly pub from the 1700's, and on one of their two dart oches the low beams actually interfere with the throw and have needed to be clad in metal sheets to avoid damage when tall players are throwing for the higher doubles on the board.

The majority of the Barbados touring party were there. John and Joy running the pub, Colin, Steph, Richard . . . Rob and Trish from the Isle of White . . . Debbie and Trevor, and we even got to see John and Karen Lowe the following day.

We had a really enjoyable evening playing doubles darts in the side bar, before making our way to the main Lounge for live music and socialising. As is their tradition, it was a late finish. We didn't get an early night for the main event the following day, but no complaints!

Hoburne Open Darts Tournament

Pictured : Rus Bray and Peter Manley

On Saturday 3/2/07 we traveled by car to Cirencester to take part in the above event. There were approximately 50 entrants competing for the £75 and £50 prizes, as well as a crate of beer for the first one to hit a 180.

I took an absolute age to get warmed up on the practice boards, and didn't feel at all at ease. I rarely play at 13:00 in the afternoon, and just couldn't get used to it.

Sadly, myself and Rob Sime (Barbados buddy) were drawn to play against each other in the first round. We both scored reasonably well (I had half an eye on the 180 prize with an early score of 140) but we both had difficulty hitting the finishing doubles. Luckily I was able to eventually hit my doubles for a 2-0 win. Rob will no doubt get his revenge in Barbados this November!

In the second round I took a 1-0 lead against another player called Rob. I was settling in really nicely, but Rob then took over and seemed to have totally found the T20. I lost the next two legs to be beaten 2-1. Sadly Rob got beaten in the 3rd round, but we had a good chat about it all and compared notes.

Yet another Rob eventually won the competition, beating Jock over 5 games to grab the £75.
We had plenty of time for food and drinks before the main event at 19:00 ; The Legends of Darts Tour 2007.