Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chelmsford 7 - 3 Derwentside "B"

The Derwentside "B" team were a player short due to work commitments and this resulted in them giving us a "bye" point in one of the Singles games, a huge advantage in one of the Doubles games, as well as a free throw to us in each cycle of the opening Team game. Such a pity, as this would have been a very close game without this unwanted advantage.

Still, a good night of competition on another very warm April evening up at our place. We pushed our average to a 75% success rate in the opening Team game, which is a decent stat for us. It was 1-1 after the first Doubles game though, and good scoring with low finishes seemed to be the way that most of the games went.

Kris takes Man Of The Match for us with 36 and 48 finishes in his Doubles and Singles games respectively.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Derwentside "B" 4 - 6 Chelmsford

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Tuesday's game against The Derwentside "B" team played in a similar way to the ones against their "A" team, with both teams taking points in flourishes.

Our opening 1001x Team Game was excellent, with an average score of over 73 per throw including the finish, which was 89 in two darts from Mickey.

We took a 0-3 lead, then it was 2 to them, 2 to us, 2 to them before we took the final Singles point for a narrow win. I thought we were strong in the first few games but from that point they were all in the balance and it was another good night of darts at The Derwentside.

Mickey was a very clear Man Of The Match for us, hitting half of our winning doubles with precise finishes on 89, 32, and 40.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Chelmsford 7 - 3 Ox Inn

Pictured : A "Baby Ton Eighty" on the practice board

On Tuesday night we were knocked out of the Team Cup competition by Blackhill Club after we won only a single Doms game and a total brush on the dartboard. No complaints, and BC were as strong as usual.

The previous evening we played our Home leg against The Ox Inn, which had been rescheduled due to bad weather in late January. Despite the long gap between the two games we picked up where we left off and repeated the 7-3 scoreline, although this time we had a "bye" awarded in a Singles games due to one of their party receiving an urgent message.

The scoring was quite erratic for both teams. It seemed every god shot was followed by a clanger, and there were quite a few scores which barely broke double figures mixed in with the tons and steady 60's.

Our Man Of The Match was Mick, who despite losing his Singles game was the only player to hit two winning doubles, including a innovative 13 finish of T1/D5 !

Friday, April 01, 2011

Chelmsford 4 - 6 Derwentside

The Quayside, Newcastle

Another great game to report between our two teams. We started very well and took a 3-0 lead, but the Derwentside took the next four points to take a 3-4 lead. With Kris getting our only Singles point in the six Singles games The Derwentside completed their come back for a win on the night.

There was plenty of effort on display from both teams, and some good scoring too. Our winning doubles were spread evenly between four players, but I'll award MOTM to Kris for the all important Singles point which should have been the basis of at least a draw for us if we could have followed suit.

Well done to Colin for his one dart X8 finish in the opening Team Game. Colin only plays when we are missing a regular, but he played a straong game all night.