Saturday, August 20, 2005

August is looking good

There were loads of things in my head this weekend, but I managed to blot them all out and have a very productive Saturday evening’s practice. In fact, it would have been a record breaking evening if I hadn’t messed about on X1 in the final game, where I took 19 darts to finish the final two points. It all messes the averages up, but I still think I’m going to see some good improvements in the "month end" stats.

Loads of tons, a couple of 140’s, and a nice finish on 100 (20, 48, 32) were the highlights, and only the one appalling game right at the very end have got my DartPro stats riding high for August. I just need to basically "turn up" for the last few practice sessions to have my best month on record.

Another highlight I feel I’ve reached this month is feeling true disappointment at hitting 85’s and 95’s etc. These are no longer good scores to me ; they are missed tons, and shots where I didn’t use all three darts, and I really want to stop hitting the totally wrong segment with one of the darts in the throw.

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