Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Wheatsheaf 5 – 5 Chelmsford

Two reports in one blog for me. I was so disappointed with my performance last week I simply had to save the match report until I'd made amends, and tonight was the night. Both of the Wheatsheaf match reports now follow:

We lost the opening Team Game, but immediately scored three points with a superb Doubles win for Jean and Willie (two consecutive 140's brought them back in the game before Willie finished with a D1), myself and Alan's Doubles win (pleasing shots of a 140 followed by a 125 and a winning X6 from me), and Mark and Roger's Doubles win (Roger hit the winning X9).

After last week's game I was desperate to show some focus and play well. I was against the darts (throwing second) against one of their senior players (Stewie), and I was into my 6th throw before I hit anything under 60. I've never known a match night like this where I've hit the T20 with the first dart. This gave me a good lead, and I was able to sink my finishing X6 without pressure. Well, only the usual pressure of goosing up a good game, but thankfully this was to be change from recent form, and I was really relieved to pick that winning dart out of the board.

Alan then won his Singles game with a great 99 finish to make it 5-5 on the night, and 10-10 over the two legs. Alan had to pick 120 pints off the floor in just one throw (he still scored 60), so he did well to ignore the bad luck and grab this point.

Man Of The Match to me for hitting two winning doubles, but I don't like to talk about it :o)

Chelmsford 5 – 5 Wheatsheaf

Peter, Jean, and Alan all played really well, and between them scored all of our points on the night.
I had half a hand in the Doubles point Alan and I won, but I have to admit I was the weaker and Alan will be getting lumbago if he ever needs to carry me like that again!

I messed up my finish in my Singles match, splitting a 32 finish down to 6 (8, 12, 6), and then ending up in the mad house. Really bad concentration, and definitely a point lost by me after starting so well.
Wheatsheaf have some really strong players in their team, so we'll have to be at our best to get another result in the return leg.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Coach & Horses 6 – 4 Chelmsford

Pictured : The Coach & Horses

A defeat, but a useful points haul of 4 for us against a team who were individually far, far better than us. I mean, ask yourselves how many teams throw two 180's against you, and you'll know what we were up against! Great darts from C&H's Ian Hamilton and Gary Appleby, and congratulations to them on their maximums.

We lost the opening team game, but immediately equalised with Alan and Roger's Doubles win. Alan finished the X5, and also scored a notable 174 in the match, although he'll be the first to admit the T18 was a little fortunate! The other two T20's were no mistake though.

I lost my Doubles game with Willie, but was pleased to notch scores of 120 and 140 (a total midge's away from a 180, like it matters!). My useless practice darts all week were thankfully left in the house, where they belong.

Jean and Mark scored a great Doubles win, with Jean finishing on 35 (9, X13), and we sensed some points.

Singles wins for “birthday boy” Alan and Myself concluded the points, and we were on a real high to pull together as a team like this and graft 4 great points against a better team.

I felt very assured in my Singles match, and I was into my 5th throw before I scored anything under 60, getting off with a ton start. Throwing “with the darts” meant I could afford an initial miss on my X16 finish, before sinking it at the 6th dart. I haven't played that well for months, and as mentioned earlier, it was nothing like the junk I threw on the practice board all week. I still have no idea whatsoever how to compete properly and win these games, but tonight makes up for some of the recent disappointments.

Man Of The Match this week just goes to the whole team – no weak links. Oh, OK, Alan sunk the most winning Doubles :o)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Doubles Competition

Roger and I were knocked out of the Doubles competition at The Commercial last night. Roger played well (140, 101), but I couldn't get going yet again. Our opponents (Stevie and partner) notched a 180, so we were up against a good pair. We lost 2-0, and it's back to the League next week.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chelmsford 2 – 8 Coach & Horses

Sadly the scoreline is a fair reflection of last night’s match.

We started really well in the Team game. I scored 140, 19 (ouch) and 66 to average 75 per throw, and Man Of The Match Peter McLean sank the double 12 which Jean had left him.

After taking this surprise lead we were unable to win any more points until Peter won his Singles game, and what a great match it was. Peter was throwing against the darts and immediately found himself 180 points behind after their opening shot was a maximum. Peter kept his nerve and replied with consistently high scores. His final two throws were a 131 followed by the X8 which that left him. Awesome darts from both players.

I played quite well in my Singles game, but missed two opportunities to finish 16 and then 8, so no complaints from me and I really need to sink these crucial finishes. "Big scores for show, doubles for dough" and all that.

Next Tuesday Roger and I compete in the League Doubles competition. We usually enter this one together because we play so many matches against eachother during the week and we really know eachother’s game.

News : I’ll be attending a really interesting darts event in Cirencester in February with many of the Barbados crew, and I’ll be sure to blog it. More news to follow nearer the date. There will be at least 4 world class figures in the game attending and competing, so I’ll get the chance to ingratiate myself again :o)