Friday, August 05, 2005

Final Preparations

It’s just a month or so away from the opening game and I’ve made the final preparations. I’ve sorted out the practice board lighting ; Previously it was only possible to train two of the three 50 watt halogen bulbs (pictured) onto the dart board due to the design of the stand, but I made a change to the stand and now all three bulbs point in the same direction.

The picture is taken from left of centre, and in practice the bulbs do not distract. They illuminate the board better than you’d think, but the picture doesn’t convey this too well.


Zeeple said...

Nice lights. I am just this week moving to a new place and I have the dartboard already hung. I bought a new ceiling light similar to yours to illuminate my board. Once I am not living out of boxes I'll get the blog rolling again and post a pic.

Tommo said...

I was a bit wary of the halogen bulbs, as they used to blow practically every week in my old kitchen. The bulbs pictured take 240 volts direct from the mains and don't need a transformer. I haven't had a single one of these blow in the 10 months I've been using them. so look out for this type.