Thursday, November 09, 2006

Photographs by Karen

Pictured : John and Karen Lowe

I’ve just received two CDs from John and Karen Lowe which are packed with 1,000 brilliant pictures from the trip!

Karen took the vast majority of them on her Sony Cybershot, and the quality is superb. From now on I’ll be using her pictures on here to record the rest of the trip, so if I forget to credit her on any of them you’ll know they’re by her and not my dull old ones!

There are some gems on the disks - this is going to be great.


Dart Talk said...

From the looks of things it must have been a fantastic event! The pictures are fantastic!

501 said...

u kept this one quiet. hope u had a good time mate. im jealous & may have to join you next year....

Tommo said...

dart talk - Cheers, and wait until you see the ones Karen took.

501 - I kept it quiet because I thought I might jinx it somehow! Full details on next year's event will be posted here. It was only a couple of hundred quid more than 11 days in Center Parcs!