Thursday, November 23, 2006

Barbados Darts Festival 2006 – Wednesday 1st November

Pictured : Janice with her “Limbo” prize

Monday was non-darting day and evening. Well, just an hour on the hotel's outdoor practice board anyway :o) Many of us were commenting on just how hard it was to play darts in Barbados ; you're chilled to the bone and can't get the right frame of mind, and the strong overhead fans in the Ship Inn were visibly interfering with the throw. Honest – mine were slanting in a very strange way! John Lowe mentioned that he stopped using his familiar Pear shaped flights following similar problems with the Air Con at some USA venues.

In the evening we attended the Bajan Roots & Rhythms evening. The show was spectacular, and very hi-tech. In accordance with their history the music was a journey through Africa, Egypt, Bridgetown shantys, and Reggae etc. Really good stuff, and I've been using their CD as darts practice music – a better accolade than it may sound.

Janice was game for everything throughout the holiday, and it was no surprise to see her on stage in the Limbo competition. She won, and very deservedly so. That's ex Tiller Girls for you I suppose - they never lose it!


Anonymous said...

Nice photos

Tommo said...

Thanks - they are mostly by Karen Lowe, who was a real wiz with her Sony Cybershot.