Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Barbados Darts Festival 2006 – Friday 27/10

Pictured : John Lowe takes on all comers!
During the day I had a long swim in the bay. The sea was the temperature of warm tea, and really relaxing to swim in. I explored the west side of St Lawrence Gap on foot. On the evening the darts began, and we all converged on the Ship Inn.

John Lowe took on all comers, and I was really pleased with my performance against him. Of course he won, but I got right down to 73 after hitting a 140. Better was to come in my game against Richard (18 yrs old) – I hit a 180 and my next shot was a 120 finish. I couldn't quite keep this standard up though, and there are plenty of disasters to report in future days when the tournaments started.

I partnered Karen Lowe in a Doubles game. She's a really good player in her own right, and I was lucky to beat her in an earlier Singles game.

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