Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cup Singles Night 2006

Pictured : Practice darts

I played at The Black Diamond tonight in the League Singles cup competition. Willie and Simon Dixon traveled down to support me.

Not a bad night for me, getting through to the second round with some nice finishing in a comparatively low scoring game to win 2-0. The others seemed to be finishing their 501 games in 7 or 8 throws, and the heat was on.

In the 2nd round I was knocked out 2-1 by Andrew Colwell of The Derwentside in an evenly matched game, and I really enjoyed the night. I threw some good scores and played well above my usual level, scoring way more tons than I get on the practice board. I just had an awful string of 3 consecutive scores of less than 30 (close misses), but you simply cannot afford to do that at any level, let alone Cup Night with some of the League's best players in attendance.

A good night though, and all the best to Andrew in the next round. He's either in the last 16 or the last 32. I felt I competed well and was worth my place in the competition, which is an improvement on last year.

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