Monday, November 13, 2006

Barbados Darts Festival 2006 – Monday 30th September

Pictured : Lenny quits smoking, the John Lowe way

Catamaran Day! This was a superb day trip sailing, snorkeling, and swimming to a beautiful beach. I did the first two snorkeling sections, but had taken on too much salt water to fancy the final swim to the deserted beach.

The trip cost just £40 (BD $150) for some spectacular sailing around the West of the island with all food and drink included in the price. While snorkeling I saw an un-puffed puffer fish, swam with the turtles, and snorkeled over a wreck. The guides were throwing bread buns at us in the water, and the fish swarmed around us. It was like being attacked by toothless piranha! I'll never forget this day.

In the evening John Lowe played another exhibition match in the Ship Inn. I was first up against him, and this time I was awful! I think my highest score was 45. The lesson to learn from this is never to eat a large meal 20 minutes before taking on a World Champion – you just feel sluggish and can't get going.

In one of the picture above you can see Lenny having a cigarette “extinguished” by John Lowe. Len had jokingly stood directly facing John, before opting for the profile as being the safest way to do this trick!


Anonymous said...

Its the best picture of Lenny i've seen so far. Not bad Simon expecially with a crap camera

Tommo said...

It wasn't my crap camera BTW - It's one of Karen's pictures. My pictures tend to be grainy, whereas hers are more like HD Television :o)

Were you on the trip by the way? You're showing as Anonymous, but I may know you if you know Lenny?

Tommo said...

Anonymous, my best guess is that you live on a snall island and support Tottenham Hotspur. Am I close ? :o)