Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Chelmsford 4 – 6 Smelters

Pictured : Practice darts

Not a bad result tonight against The Smelters. Timmy and Nancy are no longer with them, but The Smelters are still a good team who we really needed to compete against to get the 4 points.

In the 1001X Team game I scored 67 and 95, before narrowly missing a 65 finish. I then had to watch while they finished it a couple of throws later to make it 0-1. They went further into the lead when Jean and Mark lost their Doubles game, but Peter and Roger pulled one back with a great display. Next up, Alan and I did well in our Doubles game, with Man Of The Match Alan hitting a brilliant 180 and finishing the silly X9 I left him :o) Jean had logged my scores as 60, 85, 80, and 79, so I played my part in the win.

Our only other points came from Peter and Alan in their Singles games (Peter hit a great 100 finish), and I was really disappointed to lose the last match of the evening in my Singles game, despite a half decent performance.
The nerves are still there for me, but they are becoming a necessary part of my game – especially when I consider the total junk I hit on the practice board all week. You need the adrenaline in at least some degree I suppose.

Next Tuesday we all flit off to different venues in the Singles Cup Competition, with me playing at The Black Diamond. We'll all compare notes at The Chelmsford when we get back, and I'll post the results on here.


Anonymous said...

I am an Italian dart player and I have a dart blog too.
What do you think about a links exchange?
Your link is already on my blog.

Tommo said...

Hi Andrea. Your blog looks great, but I'm afraid I don't speak Italian :o(

Good to see you "bigging up" John Lowe though. He's a very good personal friend of mine, but you'll never catch me name dropping :o)