Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jolly Drovers 6 – 4 Chelmsford

Pictured : Christmas lights up at the Drovers already!

In a brief break from my Barbados recollections on here I played a League game tonight and was more than pleased with my performance. I've definitely learned a lot more about competing since taking on the best of the Bajans and learning how to enjoy my darts again.

In the 1001x Team Game I scored an average of >75 per throw over my 4 throws (including two tons) and left a sensible finish for the players following me. I can ask no more than that of my game at the moment, and we won to take a 0-1 lead.

Next, myself and Mark won our Doubles game to make it 2-0, with me sinking the winning double (46 = 10, D1, D17 – hardly text book, I know!). I also won my Singles game to ensure I had a hand in 3 of the 4 points we won on the night, and make it a clean sweep from a personal point of view. Mark was the only other player to achieve this, but I sneak this week's Man Of The Match award by virtue of my good finishing and hitting more doubles than him. Hey, it's my blog afterall :o)

We missed Peter and Willie, and I suppose I'm a little disappointed not to at least get a draw against a team who were very well matched with us. The 6-4 and 4-6 results means it's “honours even” over the two legs though.

I still had a few nerves in my Singles game, but they actually seemed to help me, and I had won the right to miss a few darts at my X11 finish by virtue of the good scoring beforehand. I was right up against the X11 wire with a few darts before finally finishing it.

I wore my “runner up” Preconco T-Shirt from Barbados, and I hope this may now be lucky for me. It's better than all those other superstitions like wearing blue underpants etc, so I'm happy to go with it :o)

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