Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jolly Drovers 5 - 5 Chelmsford

A disappointing evening, which for me personally was almost a carbon copy of my performance in the home tie against The Drovers last week; We started well and won the Team game, with my average score being >70. I was paired with Brian in the Doubles game, and we took a 0-2 lead with a comfortable win. I threw a 140 and scored two 80+ shots to leave us well in the lead when Brian finished on the 10 I left him (S5, S1, D2).

By the time I played my Singles game we had a 2-3 lead and I was throwing very consistently. I seemed to be on my way to a win, but messed up my D20 finish and my opponent was straight in with a one dart finish on the D20 as if to reiterate the importance of good finishing. This is a lesson I seem to be learning on a daily basis ;o)

Chelmsford then lost the next two games, but Willie and Allan won the last two points to give us a 5-5 draw on the night. To top off a disappointing evening we lost 5-0 in the dominoes. There’ll be an updated league table this week, so we’ll see what this means to us.

Man Of The Match goes to Brian, who threw well and won all three games he was involved with.

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