Monday, January 09, 2006

League Update, January 2006

1) Cricketers, 119
2) Steel Club, 107
3) Coach & Horses, 98
4) Chopwell Central, 92
5) Leadgate Cricket, 79
5) Smelters, 79
7) Commercial, 77
8) Castleside Inn, 73
9) Derwentside, 72
10) Shotley Club, 67
11) Stanley Masons (A), 61
12) Chelmsford, 58
13) Black Diamond, 44
13) Stanley Masons (B), 44
15) Jolly Drovers, 42

Although we are still fourth from bottom we’ve narrowed the gap between ourselves and the team immediately above us from 7 points to 3 points since the last update. The gap between ourselves and our placing of 9th last season remains the same at 14 points.

Looking at the remaining fixtures we only have five more teams to meet, and the majority of them are our immediate neighbours in the league, with the exception of 2nd placed Steel Club. Therefore there are some points up for grabs between well matched teams, and there is sure to be a tense end to the season.

Following our tough return leg at Smelters tomorrow night we face Jolly Drovers (15th), Stanley Masons B (14th), Steel Club (2nd), Stanley Masons A (11th), and Castleside (in our target position of 8th).

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