Monday, January 09, 2006

Smelters Preparation

Pictured : The Smelters, Castleside

I’ve have an up and down week on the practice board; poor scores on DartPro, a terrible night in the Chelmsford where I could barely win a game (losing mostly to Roger), but last night a really good evening with Alan, Willie, Lena and John where I finally started throwing consistently and was hitting most of the targets. I won the first game of Golf, but Lena beat me in a tie-break in the second (final) game. These team games of Golf are the ones to win, and we get really involved in them. I’ll post the rules soon.

Still, I think I’ve found the biggest problem in my game. I don’t release the dart well and put an unwanted spin on the darts which sees them veering off to the left and lying at an angle. Tonight I’ll just be practising the release and trying to get my DartPro stats for Jan ‘06 a little more respectable (I’m aiming for mid 50’s, but have so far only just reached 50).

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