Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Chelmsford 8 – 2 Stanley Masons "B"

At this stage in the season the result is everything, but this was a scrappy game in which few players shone. We really need to pile the points on before our game with Steel Club, and this was a good start.

We were leading in the 1001 Team Game, but were pipped at the finish as Masons took a 0-1 lead. They didn’t build on this however, and we won to next seven consecutive legs. Only Willie failed to win his Singles game, in one of those D1 marathons where both players struggle to hit D1.

I was paired with Alan in my doubles game, and although he wasn’t at his best he hit a 137 at just the right time, and I finished on 20 (S15, S1, D2).

In my Singles game my scores were poor. I looked at the marker board and my scores were 30’s, 45’s, and other miscellaneous junk. I finished reasonably well when presented with a double however, missing my first attempt at D16, but getting the 32 next time around (S16, D8).

Man of the Match this week goes to Roger, who finished his Singles game in just 7 throws, averaging 24 per dart. Brian was again consistent and is proving to be a reliable scorer since he joined us recently.

Some noteworthy finishes were Peter’s Bull out-shot on 68, and the unusual spectacle of Alan resorting to a "twirl" before hitting his D1 finish in his Singles game. He may have done it discretely, but he was still spotted doing it, and he will be mocked at our leisure for the rest of the week ;o)

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