Friday, January 20, 2006

Lyndon's "2nd Anniversary" Evening

Pictured : A 180 on the practice board

Last night was the 2nd anniversary of Lyndon’s tenure of The Chelmsford, and a big night was planned. Unfortunately the singer we had booked was unable to attend, so we almost had no entertainment for the evening. The buffet was never in any danger, but we really wanted some entertainment to go with it.

Heath then had the idea of Darts / Dominoes / Pool competitions. I printed some fixture sheets for the three 16 way competitions, and we managed to get more than 12 people to participate in each, on what was a busy and enjoyable evening in The Chelmsford.

I won the Darts, John S won the Dominoes, and Stephen won the Pool. All three winners received a bottle of Champagne, and I hope we have more nights like this in the future.


middenrat said...

"I won the Darts,"

Fix, Fix!.........good read r kid, hope uve found some 'consolidation' music for Feb :)
cya sunday

Tommo said...

Not a fix, but I did get a "by" in the 1st round. I still had to beat three people to get my hands on the Champers though ;o)