Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Smelters 6 – 4 Chelmsford

What a great night we all had up in Castleside to play The Smelters. They’re 5th in the league and we’re 12th, so 4 points is a decent result for us. The match itself was memorable, and read on for a dramatic ending :

We weren’t doing too well in the opening Team Game of 1001, and my scores were ordinary. However, we kept track with them down the board, and my final shot was 125 to leave Lena 58 to finish on. Smelters missed their chance to finish, and Lena finished in 2 darts with a strange but effective choice of D20, D9!

Then we had a very lean spell, losing the next six legs, and were drifting towards a heavy defeat. In the Singles game I had the opportunity to play one of the top 5 players in our League, Timmy. I couldn’t get going in my match, and lost without ever getting anywhere near his score.

We then had an amazing spell to win the final three legs. Willie again won his Singles match, Roger is in great form and finished on D1 in a nail biter, and then Peter put one hand on the "Highest Finish of the season" trophy by checking out with a spectacular 150 (T20, T18, D18). It was absolutely brilliant, and this pro quality finish gets him this week’s Man Of The Match.

Fingers crossed this will remain the highest finish of the season and Peter brings some silverware back to the Chelmsford on Presentation Night. Even last night Smelters missed a 170 finish by the width of a wire, so we’ll need some luck.

I had a chat with Timmy after our Singles match and was amazed to discover he doesn’t practice at all any more, and only gets his darts out on a Tuesday night. Also, he only ever loses a handful of Singles games each season (typically 3 from 28 games), so I really could’ve made a name for myself if I’d played out of my skin and beaten him :o)


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