Sunday, July 31, 2005

So How Did I Lose This one, Then?

I played "best of 15 legs, 501" games against DartPro and lost 8-7 against the computer throwing a 60 average including the finishes. Yet my overall average was 62.3? Very disappointing, but it was a really exciting game to play. I raised my game against an extremely unforgiving AI opponent, and despite it being a game against a computer it simulated a League game surprisingly well. It’s rare to feel adrenaline during solo practice, but this came close, and I was deliberating over my finishes and swearing out loud when I hit the wire! Valuable practice, and I think it helped me on the Sunday night games in the pub. See the Blog entry for those games.

By the way, I know how I lost it; It’s like tennis, where you can win on a low total points score as long as you get the important match winning points. A very big "learn".

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