Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Last Season's Placings

Here are the League placings for last season. We were 9th, which is something of a success compared to past seasons. I’ll be posting my targets for the 2005/6 season, and I think I’ll just have a team target of bettering 9th position.

Sadly, three of these teams will not be present next season, and I’ll know which ones have dropped out when the fixtures are printed.
So far I’ve only been told "September" for the start of the season, and practice continues towards that date.

1) Chopwell Central
2) Cricketers
3) Smelters
4) Shotley Club (B)
5) Joint - Commercial
5) Joint - LeadgateCricket
7) Derwentside
8) Stanley Masons
9) Chelmsford
10) Jolly Drovers
11) Castleside Inn
12) Shotley Club (A)
13) Southmoor Hotel
14) Black Diamond


Zeeple said...

I notice a lot of teams have the word 'cricket' in their names. I was given to understand that cricket was more or less an American dart phenomenon, and that folks in your part of the world tended to stick to the much more traditional 501. Do you guys include cricket in your matches?

Tommo said...

That is all to do with the outdoor game of Cricket, popular in England, Australia, India etc. Typically pubs with the name "Cricket" in the title are outdoor Cricket clubs with their own bar, and they have their own darts team within it.

I realise we're a litle narrow minded over here, and the vast, vast majority of darts played is 501 or 301. This is why you'll always find the bullseye in near perfect condition on a UK dart board, but it would be the opposite in the US, where the bull is a main target in the darts game of cricket.