Sunday, July 31, 2005

DartPro Analysis - July '05

This is what I love about DartPro. It lets you know exactly where the problems lie.
Forget the 153 and 140 finish, as these were just two highlights over 795 games. It’s encouraging to know I’m capable of a big finish, but the frequency is too low, and the average finish is just 24.81. Lets see if I can’t get this up to 30 by September.

The real "learn" from these figures is that more than two thirds of my shots are below 60, but I seem to be getting a respectable overall average by hitting the odd big shot. These big shots are not something I can rely on in League matches where over the three games I might only get 20 throws at the board, especially when I’m only getting 180 every 60 games.

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Zeeple said...

I've noticed similar results with my DartPro. I have a relatively low average over all but I have noticed that it doesn't take more than a couple of trip20s in a game to produce the kind of average I am trying to improve to. If I cna get to the point where I can reliably hit the trip20 in one out of very six darts I will be quite happy about it.