Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Friendly match arranged

Here’s an external shot of The Chelmsford taken on Sunday afternoon. We’re having a bit of a heat wave over here at the moment, so it was a great day to take a few pictures.

We’ve arranged a friendly match against The Moorcock for next Tuesday night (our usual Team practice night). I’ll try and treat it seriously and pay some attention to warm-up and preperation, as last night’s Team practice was fairly average. I’d been on the motorway all day and arrived in the pub a little tired and immediately had to join the flow with just three practice darts. I think I won about half of the games, which is bit of a dip in recent form.

I’ve noticed these photos are a little bandwidth hungry, so I’ve started to scale them down and compress them. I’ll try to keep them all to 35 kilobytes.


Zeeple said...

So how did the friendly match come out?

Tommo said...

It's tommorow night Zeeple, 26th July. I'll hopefully have some pics to post here. Last night's pup practice was fairly good, but I still spent a long time to get "warmed up", and this is something I'll try to address on Tuesday. Somehow - I dunno :o)