Thursday, July 14, 2005

Off to a good start!

Blogging seems to agree with my darts playing, as tonight’s hard graft on the practice board was nothing short of spectacular. Three consecutive tons, the all important 180 (pictured), and a 3 dart average of 61.60 over 17 games of 501 including the shoot-out darts. There’ve been plenty of sweary filled evenings in the mad house, so I’ll just enjoy this one I think. It seemed to be mostly due to good finishing on the doubles, with a 110 finish being the highest. No visits to the mad house (double one) helped too. The lowest finish was 8 with the first dart, which is incredible for me. If they drug tested me they’d find only caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. Another "personal best" :o)


Dart Talk said...

Well done, and I must agree, GREAT start! It's been years since I've hit a Ton80 in practice or league, had several Ton40's, still waiting and working at it.


Tommo said...

Cheers DartTalker. The more you throw, the more you get them. It's almost like that "monkeys and typewriters" thing.