Sunday, July 31, 2005

Shut Out

Following my practice against the ’Computer 60 Machine" described in the Blog entry "So How Did I Lose This one, Then?" I really felt I’d started to learn how to compete and not be afraid of winning. In fact I was still angry at raising my game yet losing. I played in The Chelmsford from 20:40hrs to 23:10hrs and lost only two games all night. The finishing was there and the big scores were there, and I really want to Blog this one before I forget it! ;

I lost an early warm up game against Roger (I still won 2-1 overall), and then a game against Alan where he checked out on 113 while I was waiting to throw for 8 against the darts. From that point it was a total shut out from me. We had two visitors who joined in, but I was in absolutely no mood to let anyone win on our board. I then played for two hours straight and beat all comers (against the darts, where they threw first) and it was a real highlight, where for once I really felt like "this is what I’ve been practising for all this time and running a stupid Blog for". A very pleasing evening, and one to remember.

In the past I would have felt the pressure and been relieved to lose and have a sit down, but not tonight, and I really feel that I’ve turned a corner with the consistency and determination to win. I do practice enough afterall :o)


Zeeple said...

Sounds like an awesome night out. I cannot wait for league to start so I can get in there and play against humans again.

Tommo said...

You bet Zeeple. I've never had an unbeaten run like that before, and I really want to keep that standard. More hard work his week!

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