Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Friendly Game - The Moorcock

I’ll shortly post an external photograph of The Moorcock, but in the meantime here’s a write-up of the evening.

Twelve of us made the long(ish) journey to The Moorcock on our usual team bus, and we were joined by several more who made their own way up there.

The Moorcock doesn’t have a regular league team, but they assembled 6 or so players including the Landlord himself. We put the names of all players into a hat and arranged two teams of 9 players.

The 9v9 1001 Team Game went well for me personally ; I only threw 7 darts in the game, but these consisted of two 90+ shots and the winning double three at the first time of asking.

We then played three games of 3v3 501 in which I played a poor game and was beaten. This was followed by 9 301 singles games in which I narrowly beat team member Colin. I hit a ton and a few average shots, but ended up stuck on double 1 and had to watch him narrowly miss the winning double in two throws. You never feel too good about winning on double 1 as it just looks so awful, but it’s marginally better than losing I suppose.

The board was fairly dim and the oche was far from ideal (quite cramped, a lot of movement in the line of sight, and just some gaffer tape marking the line), so I’m pleased to get some pre season practice in these conditions. Venues with a “good throw” are not common, so I don’t really want to practice under unrealistic conditions. Certainly, getting barracked by a team member (Jimmy – “what are you aiming for?”) was a first for me!

On the social side this was a great evening, and thanks must go to our captain Lena for arranging this and booking the coach etc. We had a great time, and it was good to see such a strong turn-out from The Chelmsford.


Zeeple said...

It's funny how the double 1 is harder to hit just because when you get down to bones you have already missed a lot of good doubles and are beginning to quetion your ability to hit ANY double. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

Tommo said...

Yep, I'd had my chances to win resonably quickly on this short 301 game, but I totally messed up the finish. By the time I was caught on the double my confidence was low. Colin on the other hand had good support and was missing the doubles by millimetres.

It was a good night though - I'm dying for the season to start.