Monday, April 03, 2006

We don’t like to talk about it . . .

Yes indeedy, we do some great work for charideee in The Chelmsford, but of course we don’t like to talk about it. This makes it very hard for me to mention the fact that tonight we’re doing a Darts Marathon (it’s more like a “sprint” if you ask me :o) to raise money for the Farplace Animal Rescue people.

It starts at 20:00 hrs, with two teams of four throwing solidly for an hour each, and my new laptop will be doing the number crunching to keep us on track towards as large a total points score as possible. Results should appear on here soon, but of course I won’t be able to talk about it.


Zeeple said...

I wish I could have been there to participate as I love animals aa great deal. Awesome that you did this.

Tommo said...

Judging by what the others said they will receive in sonsorship money I think we're going to make over £200 for Farplace.

It worked well because many of the sponsors were actually able to see the event. We'll try and make this a regular type of event.