Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Personal Stats – 2005/6 Season

1,001 Team Game – Won 32%
This is the opening game of a match night, where all six members of the team play a game of 1,001. The order of throwing for all of the night’s games is drawn at random before the match starts.

We won less than a third of our Team Games, which we really need to improve upon. Just a handful of extra points over the season would’ve raised us at least one position in the League.

701 Doubles Game – Won 36%
The Team Game is then followed by three Doubles games. I faired slighly better in these games, but 36% is still far less than I hoped for. I'll target this at 40% next season.

501 Singles Game – Won 44%
The six team members then play a Singles game each, to give a possible total of 10 points for the team. I set myself a target of winning more than 50% of my games, so this has been a disappointment for me. At least it provided me with some focus, and I’ll keep this target for next season.

I scored two 180's early into the season. Just one or two more would've had me in the reckoning for the 180 Trophy, as I believe there have been comparativley few scored this season.

These stats are probably typical, considering our league position (12th of 15 teams), but I want much more for next season.


jcoulson_uk said...

we played well last night beating chopwell on their board 6.4
leaving us 4th in the league

dominos tho we lost 3.2

ive been happy with my doms this season winning 15 of the games i played

i was dropped from the darts cos i came bottom of the averages and still scored over 17 per dart the previous week

well see u in 2 weeks in the cup

Tommo said...

You've had a decent season. Looking forward to the cup game.