Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Chelmsford 4 – 6 Castleside

This was a close game between two evenly matched teams. Castleside are higher in the League than us, and this edge showed, as they overcame being 100+ behind in the Team Game to end up winning it and taking a 0-1 lead. My average score over my three throws in this game was 66.3

Jon and Alan won their Doubles game to equalise, and then Jean and I won ours to make it 2-1. My average score was 51 and I finished the D4 Jean left me with the first dart.

Defeats for Lena and Willie in their Doubles game and John in his Singles game made it 2-3, but Alan won his Singles game to equalise again.

All of the games were close. Jean lost her Singles but I won mine to make it 4-4, finishing fairly quickly on D8 and hitting a 119 (S5, T19, T19).

There were to be no further wins however, and defeats for Lena and Willie resulted in a score of 4-6 on the night. I have to take Man Of The Match this week for my two winning finishes, but I don’t like to talk about it :o)

Our return game against Castleside next Tuesday will be the last match of the season.


jcoulson_uk said...

i just found out last night that we play you in the knockout tommo

Tommo said...

I know. I'll do a pre match blog thing. League tables update shortly out on here too.