Sunday, April 09, 2006

League Update 29/3/06

Pictured : Lyndon's new Malt shrine
The following update is from 29th March 2006, and doesn’t include the final game of the season on 4th April 2006. I’ll publish the final standings as soon as they’re available. There's a slight chance we may rise to 11th if Stanley Masons (A) scored less than 4 points in their final game.

We have a free week before the Cup games, which the first being our game against Coach & Horses on 11th April.

Fingers crossed that nobody finished on higher than 150 on the final night. Chelmsford's Peter McClean is currently in line for the "Highest Finish" trophy, with his T20, T18, D18 finish earlier in the season.

1) Steel Club, 206 pts
2) Cricketers, 199 pts
3) Chopwell Central, 186 pts
4) Caoch & Horses, 171 pts
5) Smelters, 156 pts
6) Commercial, 143 pts
7) Leadgate Cricket, 137 pts
8) Derwentside, 127 pts
9) Shotley Club, 122 pts
10) Castleside Inn, 120 pts
11) Stanley Masons (A), 115 pts
12) Chelmsford, 114 pts
13) Jolly Drovers, 79 pts
14) Stanley Masons (B), 75 pts
15) Black Diamond, 70 pts


jcoulson_uk said...

try this link tommo i think its great for practicing checkouts

Tommo said...

Thanks Jay. I'm getting "Connection Failed" at the moment, but I'll try it out later and link to it if it's as good as you say :o)

jcoulson_uk said...

not long now till the big game lol

i think we have a full team out for this game so looking forward to a good game

did u play that dart game link i sent its fun and good for averages

Tommo said...

I don't know what's wrong with my web pipe, but I keep on getting "Connection failed" when I select the game from the main page?