Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Cup : Chelmsford 0 – 6 Coach & Horses

Pictured : Coach & Horses
The Coach & Horses go through to the last 8 of the Cup following their comprehensive victory at our place last night.

The games alternated between 1001 DSDF Team Games and Singles dominoes matches in the Lounge. Normally in this type of cup game we are able to "subsidise" our darts points with good performances on the dominoes table, but it wasn’t to be, and we lost the first six games straight.

My opening scores in the first game averaged just 50, and matters didn’t improve in the next two games. Although we managed to keep in touch with them in two of the games I don’t think any of us got the chance to walk up to the board looking at a finishing double.

Congratulations to Coach & Horses, and best wishes to them in the next round. Hopefully Jason will let us know how they progress.


jcoulson_uk said...

i enjoyed the night but didnt think the team played that well and i def didnt play well(but they werent my darts)lol

we were expecting to win but not by that margin

we have an easy game next round(chopwell or steel club)

r u going in the singles and doubles?

Tommo said...

I've been entered into the Doubles with Roger (currently poorly, but hopefully OK for the games), and the Singles too. Hope you're in them too.

jcoulson_uk said...

we lost :(

we won darts 2.0 and should of been 3.0

lost doms 3.0

my average score was only about 51

jcoulson_uk said...

2.1 at darts rather