Monday, April 03, 2006

Charideee thingy - Interim Results

On the whole the spreadsheet on my new laptop went well, but we still had to record a few scores on paper while I sorted out a crash caused by me wanting to perform the absurd task of a Copy / Paste within the Microsoft Works spreadsheet. I should’ve stuck to Lotus ’97 evidently. When things are important you just want "robust" as opposed to "Stripped down and rubbish on purpose, otherwise you won’t shell our for a full copy of Excel".

We didn’t get two teams of 4, so most of us had to do 2 stints, and what an eye opener this was. I got a good few 120+ scores, and even a 180, but what about all of those 26’s? Honestly, throwing quickly doesn’t suit me.

In the first stint we scored 16,000 , and in the second stint we got 17,000. I’m now looking for "retrospective sponsors", as my tally so far is only £20. It’s a really good cause, and if you’re going to rescue an animal at all, please save me an otter. I'd like one of those three in the picture if you can wangle it. Not the fat one at the bottom, though.


Zeeple said...

Are you kidding me? For robust and full featured you must turn to open source software. Check out Open Office dot org:

Tommo said...

Just seen the FAQs and homepage - seems good.