Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Final Placings, 2005/6

Pictured : The Chelmsford
We have another Tuesday night off while the Knock-out Semi Finals take place (Cricketers V Commercial and Shotley V Steel Club).

Here are the final placings in the League this season. Peter McClean of the Chelmsford won the Highest Finish trophy with 150, and Timmy Richardson won the 180’s trophy with a total of 5 during the season.

We finished 11th of 15 teams in both the darts and the dominoes, so plenty of room for improvement next season. It was pleasing to edge up to 11th after being in 12th for such a long time though.

Darts League Table
1) Steel Club, 214
2) Cricketers, 207
3) Chopwell central, 200
4) Coach & Horses, 177
5) Smelters, 165
6) Commercial, 145
7) Leadgate Cricket, 143
8) Derwentside, 131
9) Shotley Club, 126
10) Castleside Inn, 125
11) Chelmsford, 119
12) Stanley Masons (A), 116
13) Stanley Masons (B), 77
14) Jolly Drovers, 85
15) Black Diamond, 60


Zeeple said...

I have to say you got great looking buildings and countryside in your part of the world. Round here its prefab and neon mostly. Too bad there are not higher standards of esthetics for buildings in this country.

Tommo said...

Thanks Zeeple. The place is so small though It's going to be really difficult to post new looking shots each week. I'll just have to try unusual angles etc.