Thursday, November 03, 2005

Tommy's Darts - New Catalogue Out Now

The new catalogue from Tommy's Darts has just arrived on my doorstep.

There are some very interesting additions in this edition; personalised stems (your text, plus any national flag if required), personalised flights and mugs printed with your own JPG file, and much neater looking personalised flights where you supply just the text and specify whether a national flag is also required. Their examples look ultra professional.

The personalised stems really interest me. I remember seeing them elsewhere but was put off by the cost. The ones from TD are only £6 for 10 sets, reducing on a sliding scale in accordance with the quantity you order. Give them a large printing run of 100+ and they’re only 38p per set.

They also have some very un-PC "Page 3 knockers out" flights. I might get some to see just how offended I am by them :o)

Joking aside this is a great new catalogue, and it’s hard to think of anything else they could possibly stock. The prices are lower than anywhere else I’ve seen. If you’re interested there is a TD link on the left-hand side of this page, and you can e-mail them for and ask for a copy to be posted to you.


Zeeple said...

I sent a catalogue request to them. Seems like they'd want to have a website thesedays. Your link just goes to an image of an ad...

Tommo said...

I'm afraid so ; all they have is a postal address, phone, fax, and e-mail address (all shown on that page). It's very odd that they don't have at least a simple web page. The service is good even though it's just the old fashioned post. I e-mail my orders to them and I receive the goods 48 hours later. Please let me know what you think of the catalogue when you receive it.

Dart Shop said...

Been after the email address as im dying to get a catalogue.

Thanks guys, awesome.