Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Boddingtons Cup

Our Boddingtons Cup campaign kicks off at the Golden Lion on Thursday 1/12/05, with our team meeting at The Chelmsford at 19:45 hrs.

There will be 3 X Doubles matches and 6 X Singles matches in each fixture, with a return leg between the two teams the following week. Every pub, which sells Boddingtons is eligible for entry, and the list of teams in this year's competition is huge (there are hundreds of them in our region alone). Unlike our League matches the Burster Rule will apply.


Zeeple said...

What is the Burster Rule? If you drink too much Boddingtons and your bladder bursts you lose?

Tommo said...

Ha! This rule is unfamiliar to me so I whipped the text from the FAQ on our very own :

6. If a greater score is thrown than is required to reduce the remaining score exactly to zero, then none of the three darts count for that throw and the score remains as it was before that particular throw was taken. [Did anybody not know this was called a "bust"?]

I'd heard of it, and I'd seen the Pros use it in competition, but this is new to us, as usually for us every individual dart prior to busting "counts".

mcvickj said...

Interesting. Everyone around here plays with the bust rule.

ie. If you have 20 left (D10) and accidently hit 30 (D15) you bust and the score remains the same.

Tommo said...

mcvikj - Here's an example if you need to finish on 100 :

Your first dart hits T20, leaving you D20. Your second dart accidentally hits another T20, meaning you've scored 120 and are bust.

Under the Bust Rule the next time you throw you need the whole 100 again, but under our pub rules you return to the board wanting the 40 that was required before you bust it with the 2nd dart of the previous throw.

Its a really subtle difference which has pros and cons.

jcoulson_uk said...

i love this rule have played it many times in ciu competitions much better i think