Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Leadgate Cricket Feedback

The Board : A Winmau Pro SFB with rounded wires. I used to have an SFB in the house, so you’d think I’d be at home on this one :o)

Lighting : A single bulb above the board, with comparatively bright ambient lighting.

Oche : This is fairly well depicted in the picture from the match report. The throwing line itself is a portable square metal bar, which is lined up with markings on the floor.

Beer : John Smith at £1.85 a pint. There was a friendly atmosphere around the bar during the match.

Food : Our transport delay meant a late end to the night, but it was great to see them wheel out mince and dumplings, sausages, roasties, pie, and cold buffet. Really nice, and much appreciated on the night.

Comments : Very friendly hosts, and an enjoyable evening. We’re a closely matched pair of teams, and after the 5-5 result in the Away leg everything is poised for the return leg on Tuesday.


jcoulson_uk said...

we played a lot better this week winning 7.3 away to the smelters.although i was dropped again but have been told to get my darts ready for a return next when we got back to the coach i had a few practice games hitting 180 in 1 of them.

Tommo said...

Well done to you and the team Jay. We should have the new league table very soon, and I'll post it on here.

jcoulson_uk said...

the new table is out now i think we r 3rd darts 2nd doms

Tommo said...

You're right. Actually we don't pay too much attention to the league table, as we don't see it as being, erm, all that important, erm, like :o)