Thursday, November 24, 2005

New delivery from Tommy’s Darts

My new darts arrived today. They are 26grm Alan Glazier "Multi Shark" nickel tungsten (alloy ratio unspecified). I’ve had a few throws with them, and they’re great. There’s a slight difference between these and my previous set ; there’s a very subtle taper where the barrel meets the shaft, but this is not apparent when throwing them, especially now my new grip all takes place at the front of the dart. The taper may effect the balance, but again this is not obvious when using them.

Included with the order was a new batch of personalised flights for myself and a couple of team mates. The L2 is my own design for Lena, and Jean has settled for a plain text slogan. The Pear shaped flights are a standard design where I just specified the text and national flag. All three designs cost £5 for 10 sets.


Zeeple said...

Nice looking darts and flights. I asked them for a catalogue a long time ago but they never sent me one.

Tommo said...

Sorry to hear it. They're usually quick to respond, and they definately deal internationally. The postage and packing cost for USA orders is £6 GBP. Their e-mail address is tommysdarts at btconnect dot com

Dart Shop said...

I'm in Sydney Australia and had a hard time contacting them. Their website is down, the old email address bounces back. This email may be good so i will try that.

Thanks for the info, Happy Christmas and 180's to all.